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Our philosophy is simple. We strive to make your experience with your computers less frustrating and more productive. If you are a business or a home user, this site will make you more informed, and we hope, a happier computer user. Enjoy your stay.

PC MAX provides and exceptional level of personalized support and more importantly, problem solving and prevention. We also design install and support PC hardware software and networks, build custom, high quality computer systems, solve problems from the everyday to the complex, and we find ways to keep problems from coming back. Our service area includes metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded in 1989, PC MAX's specialty is providing the type of support for businesses that allow owners and managers to focus on business rather than the day-to-day problems of their computers and users. Business people shouldn't need to be computer support people too.

This site has important information for businesses and covers subjects that include proper, safe and trouble free computer use in the workplace, tips on avoiding the possibility of exposing your business to employee caused liability issues, reducing the stress often associated with using a computer, tips for your company's WEB site and more. Many of the points made on this site are backed up with links to outside respected sources.

Computers have never been a more important part of running a business. Because of that it has never been more important to keep office computer systems operating at peak performance and without interruption. We concentrate on keeping every aspect of your computer operations as transparent, smooth and trouble free as possible. Turn the computer on, get the work done, turn the computer off. If you are bothered by errors, pop-up windows, crashes or the complexities of your software, it's causing problems for everyone and costing the company many thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity. Problem prevention is as important as problem solving.

In order to accomplish the goal of a smoothly operating office we frequently make suggestions, (you are not obligated to follow), that may be different from what you have heard or read in order to minimize the potential for future problems. We know from many years of experience that these suggestions work. Most computer support technicians will tell you what they think you want to hear or what's popular or easy at the moment. We keep you informed about what you need to know. We would rather have 1 service call a year for each of a 300 customers than to constantly put out fires for 12. We see computer users who have the same problems over and over. If a problem exists we want to determine why and how to keep it from happening again. We intend to correct the cause for the problem or tell you what you need to do to stop it. Our service and support capabilities are far superior in every respect to the major computer companies including Hewlett Packard or Dell for reasons explained on this site. (Special note: We support all Windows and Vista operating systems and currently still sell and install XP Pro along with Vista on our PCs)

The bitterness of poor quality and performance remains long after the sweetness of low price has worn off!

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The information contained on this site is the educated opinion of PC MAX based on more than 20 years of hands on experience and close contact with hundreds of customers, thousands of computers and many thousands of problems. They are all based on real life circumstances and conditions. Those who have experienced the problems and solutions listed on this site can attest to their validity.

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