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We Love The Mountains

PC MAX desires to develop a customer base in Fannin County and the surrounding area. Don't assume that because we aren't in your back yard that we can't service your needs. In the near future PC MAX intends to open a branch office in Mineral Bluff. We own a rental cabin on Piney Mountain and come to Blue Ridge as often as we can. We would rather have an excuse to come to Blue Ridge than to go to Downtown Atlanta!

You might wonder how we could possibly benefit computer users in Fannin County? We could do more than you might imagine. The time we have spent speaking with businesses in the area over the past 4 years tells us that there isn't a computer support company doing an effective job of preventing problems. Frequently, the support people in the area seem to be interested in putting a band-aid on a problem but down the road either the same problem pops up again, or a problem related to the original problem, because it wasn't really fixed in the first place. As a computer user and business person rather than a tech support person you may not even be aware that something is lacking in your support.

Fannin County is no different from Atlanta in one important respect. Computer problems are the same no matter who you are or where you live and work . A one person business in Blue Ridge with an Internet connection is exposed to the same potential problems and issues as a large bank in New York City. The Internet, and computers in general, don't discriminate.

If you currently use DELL, Hewlett Packard, Gateway or any number of other name brand computer systems you should take a serious look at our computers for your next investment. Our systems are easier to support, easier to upgrade and far more efficient to operate than any of the other brand name systems business owners typically buy..

Our support can't be compared to those other companies because we provide a much higher level of on-site service and personalization. Most major computer companies employ third parties who come swap a part. They rarely do any more. (And English is our native language). If you have had an unfortunate problem with your systems that required you speak with "major brand" tech support then you know what I mean.

No matter who you are or where you live you need the tools to do the job and in most offices the computer has become the most critical tool you have. In Fannin County, who would buy a car to do the job of a truck? What real estate agent in Blue Ridge would purchase a rear-wheel drive $13,000.00 car for work? If they have any experience in the Blue Ridge area at all the answer is obvious.

Fannin County needs reliable computers and reliable support as much as anyone else using computers to run their business.

In order to do our job well there are some things we don't do including WEB site design, network wiring, Macintosh service and a few other small items. This allows us to concentrate on more important things like keeping your business running smoothly whether you're a one person operation or a hundred.

We have special introductory rates for our friends in the mountains. Contact us for more information.

Feel free to call us any time at our local Blue Ridge area phone number

Member of the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce

(Somewhere on this site is a file with a note known in the industry as an "Easter Egg". Find it for a special, (free), offer for Fannin County business owners from PC MAX).

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