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Some WEB Site Design Problems

The Mistakes Some People Make
AND Some Designers Too

Most search engines only index the "home" page of a site unless told otherwise. The home page is typically the first thing you see when you type in the name of the site and the page appears in your browser. For this reason it's very important to have some text on that page that defines what and who you are. This site, Teamclarus, is an example of a site that looks great but PDFspacerthis (Adobe PDF) is what the search engines see. Virtually nothing. As a result you can't go to any search engine and find this company based on what they do, no mater how you word it or how hard you try.

This site, Presenting Atlanta, also uses flash for the start page but PDFspacerthis (Adobe PDF) is what the search engines see. You should not pay attention to this particular code since the search engines don't, but do pay attention to the text. 6 months ago this site couldn't be found on the Internet searching for what they did, because the "home" page looked much like the first example. Now Presenting Atlanta can be found on the first page of most search engines by using the words "destination management Atlanta" without the quotes. That is a complete turn-around for a site in under 6 months.

The bottom line is that even though both sites have a flash page to start, the second site will be 100% more effective at being found by anyone searching for the product, not the Company name.

We have a customer with 3 WEB site names with the same content just different names. The WEB designer's site claims to know how to get the site found on the Internet. Using search terms related to what this customer does, I can't find any of those 3 sites on any of the big 3 search engines. In fact Google specifically states that you may and probably will be penalized for having sites with mostly duplicate content. The same goes for most of the other search engines. More than one site with the same content can get you banned from Google. They refer to it as spamming. It's hard to say if this is the reason, but there are no back-links from Google to either of the primary sites for this company. I control several sites with a far higher link popularity that have been on the Internet a fraction of the time. I would say there is a problem somewhere.



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