A fantastic way to quit smoking

I need to begin by saying I smoked cigarettes for the better part 48 years. Thought about quitting many times but never got really serious. I enjoyed smoking. Tried various solutions and none worked until now.

The solution is a simple but ingenious device, an electronic cigarette.

What exactly are electronic cigarettes?
They go by the name vaporizer, personal vaporizer, PV, E-Cig, smokeless cigarette and more. They also go by various model names like KR808D-1, 510, 901, 401 and maybe thirty more well known models. Some companies have attached special names to their models like Blu, Vapor King, Janty and many more. Most of these devices consist of 2 or 3 basic parts, a battery, a cartridge (cart carto cartomizer) and an atomizer (vaporizer).. In most systems the base liquid, (either dripped into the cart or it comes pre filled), consists primarily of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). In that liquid is nicotine in various amounts/strengths and flavoring. (note that nobody has determined that nicotine is a dangerous component in a cigarette, what E-Cig users call an analog), it's the tar and 20-30 other carcinogens along with 2000-4000 or so other chemicals that are dangerous. What is exhaled from an E-Cig is <1% nicotine and 99% water vapor. If you are using one of these devices it is called vaping, not smoking, since there is no combustion and no smoke. The vapor looks like smoke and tastes like smoke but is essentially harmless and has little or no odor.

How does it work?
The battery heats up the atomizer, the atomizer heats the liquid, (also known as liquid, e-liquid, juice, e-juice etc.). The heated liquid turns into a vapor that looks and tastes like smoke. That's a very simple explanation. The vaporizer and cart are actually pretty sophisticated little devices and the cart has absorbent material inside that holds the liquid along with a metal wire that heats up to vaporize the liquid and wick. Again, that may be a little over simplified but is the general design.

Earlier I said 2 or 3 basic parts made up the E-Cig. There are some models that are 2 piece and some that are 3 piece. In a 2 piece model the atomizer is a part of the cartridge commonly called a cartomizer. In the 3 piece systems the atomizer cart and battery are separate components. The 2 piece E-Cig is much easier to use. The 3 piece E-Cigs can get pretty fancy, referred to as modding, but require slightly more maintenance. They also typically require more frequent addition of juice, called dripping. This is not something you need to be doing while driving

What did I do to find this electronic cigarette?
Quite some time ago I was approached in a mall by someone selling an E-Cig called Smoking Everywhere. That's what got me started. I liked the idea of giving up smoking while not giving up the habit. When I tried that E-Cig - I figured this was a way out. Some time after that encounter the cost of cigarettes went up yet again and I was spending an exorbitant amount of money every month. I used the increase in cost as an excuse to make the switch. Some research lead me to various WEB sites with tons of information. One place in particular that was very helpful was Electronic Cigarette Forum. There is information about many of the electronic cigarette suppliers and what they have to offer. That site, and several more, told me that passing on the Smoking Everywhere was a pretty good move even if accidental. I just wasn't prepared to do anything that day without doing my own research. (Impulse purchases are never a good idea).

I tried a few models of electronic smokeless cigarettes over a few months and they just didn't get the job done. Some tasted terrible, some had no flavor at all and some were just too much work to keep going.. I was getting a little discouraged until I found some threads on an E-Cigarette Forum that took me to the Vapor4Life E-Cig site The gentleman who owns Vapor4Life (Steve Milin), is an ex chain smoker who smoked 4-5 packs a day before he decided to find an alternative to smoking. Steve was so thrilled with the results he started his own business. Steve is a man on a mission to get as many people to stop using cigarettes as possible. I don't think he is even concerned with making any money, just allowing people to find a suitable alternative.

Well, his product, called the Vapor King, (VK), worked for me. The technology he uses is simplicity itself. It's a 2 piece device and his selection of batteries, E-Juice variety and quality are second too none. His attention to detail and customer service keep people coming back and he's constantly improving the product and expanding the selection. This is the product that will turn the corner for me. I've saved a lot of money using the Vapor King and I can tell a difference in my health. At least 98% of the people who have tried this E-Cig quite smoking the first day. Steve even sent his VP of product development to China for 3 months to supervise the quality and make improvements.


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