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PC MAX offers some of the most timely, competitive and complete support in the business. Our goal — set up the right software and hardware, keep the computer systems doing what you need to do, and doing it well, along with problem prevention. What we accomplish up front ultimately requires less support on the back end. That leaves us available for other critical problem solving.

Over 80% of our support is being handled by remotely accessing our client's desktops to correct problems. This can be done on a per incident or contract basis and we can provide this support from wherever we are that has access to the Internet. For this reason 80% of our service calls are usually taken care of in as little as 15 minutes. The software we use for the remote access is free. There are some major updates and upgrades that require an on-site visit but you would be amazed how well things can run if the little things aren't allowed to get very big.

Should an on-site visit be required our typical non emergency calls are handled in under 4 hours. Our extraordinarily reliable hardware and our "KISS" principal for setting up systems allows us the time to take the best care of our customers.

What we can do.
Nobody can predict when or where a computer problem might strike next and it's impossible to prevent some problems. There are problems no body has any control of, ("stuff" happens that doesn't have a reasonable explanation). However, with that said, we love to be able to say that our customers have the fewest problems possible and far fewer than some systems we have observed . Most problems can be prevented. Working together with our customers we develop suggestions and recommendations that WILL substantially reduce the risk of computer failure and downtime. The ultimate preventive solutions are as simple as making certain your car doesn't run out of oil. It's not rocket science.

What you can do.
It's really very simple. If you follow a few of our recommendations there isn't that much you need to do. Problem prevention is our best tool.

We also provide technical security audits. (including SOX and HIPAA audits).
Second opinions on hardware, software selections and security procedures.
Service contracts for on-site service and remote assistance.
Per call remote access or on-site service.
Problem solving when all else has failed, even for firms not our customers.
Software installation and configuration.
Network and hardware installation — even for non PC MAX hardware.
General diagnostics and performance enhancements of networks and workstations.
Malware and virus removal, (using thousands of dollars in software at our disposal).
We are loaded with diagnostic and forensic software for every need.
We even provide outside assistance to other resellers in solving problems.

We are also available for consulting and as a speaker at your meetings or events on the subject of safe and easy computing.

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In the computer business there are very few stupid questions from customers but there plenty of stupid answers from some support people to go around.

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