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Productivity at Work

Productivity at Work


Money in Your Pocket

A slow computer at home costs you time but a slow computer at work costs serious money in lost productivity. See Return on Investment.

if you plan to invest in a new computer for a business make a note to invest in more system than you think you need. Don't think of it so much as an expense, (though today's tax laws are fairly liberal in that respect, think section 179 deductions), think of it as the second best productivity tool in the office, after your employees, and worth every penney. It certainly has the potential!

Think of how much more slowly your system seems to run today than it did 2 or 3 years ago. If you invest in a new system think about what you made your old one slow, the same thing will happen to the new one in another year or 2. The best thing you could do is attempt to look ahead to what you may be asking the system to do in the future and plan for it now. That typically means investing in a computer that's more than you feel you need, (now)!

What you need to run an efficient office is, first and foremost, a good staff, a reliable phone system and a good product or service. If your staff isn't able to effectively get their work done you may need to make a change.

Owning any computer can be an expensive proposition in more ways than some people think. There is the cost of the computer and software, the cost of using the system, the cost of service, software upgrades and the list goes on. But one of the costs that gets overlooked is the cost of replacing that system when it fails to perform.

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