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They Aren't Telling The Whole Story

Some of the scams out there are pretty slick but even some of the most legitimate looking WEB ads and WEB sites are not true.

In SPAM and on WEB sites the boast of the ability to get you a top 10 search engine listing, it's touted as if it were easy. It's not! Those companies are pulling a fast one. Think about it this way. If 11 attorneys subscribed to several of these scams how could the 11th manage a top 10. It's impossible. What they will, and can do, is get your company name listed in a top 10 position. It will cost them about 5 dollars of their time and is absolutely no help. Most WEB searchers look for a service or a product, not a company name. Yep, they lied, or at least misled you. Our search engine optimization page will tell you how to attempt a top 10 position but it takes a lot of work and may not happen for a while.

Any E-Mail that tells you how you will get paid to forward an E-Mail lied or was probably illegal.

Any "chain" E-Mail that tells you how you are being tracked by Bill Gates, (or anyone else), is a joke, don't pass it on. Note: It is possible to do limited E-Mail tracking through possibly the 3rd or 4th person but then it will likely stop in its tracks.

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