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WEB Hints, Quick Version

Get yourself a WEB site if you don't already have one.
If your want the site to generate business, check our WEB design rules.
Don't use music if you can help it.
Don't have a lot of white space at the bottom of any page.
Use your WEB site as an E-Mail address, not G-Mail, Yahoo etc.
Make certain your key words (associated with your business) are used early in the spacesite, and often.
Find out what your link popularity looks like. Without it you can't be found.
Register your site at Alexa to find out if you are getting reasonable traffic.
Find out where your competition is getting their links from and why. You can use this information to improve your Internet visibility.
Don't use hit counters on a professional business site, it's too cute!
Subscribe to Google Analytics to find out how your site is doing.
Make certain you have a site map, many search engines use them to find other pages on your site.
Subscribe to Google Sitemaps and use them.
Keep your site up-to-date and fresh.

You can find more information about most of the items on this list elsewhere on this site.

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