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What's Hot ?

Working from home, (you'll see more of this as gasoline prices rise), see our remote access page.

The possibility of using office applications on the Internet. Makes management of the applications much easier and provides access from any computer. For example, check out this "free" online office application suite, Thinkfree

Internet calendars, (This one is from Google), and schedules, individual or group. It's free, but you will need a Google (free) account if you don't already have one. There are others and they are coming on strong.

From late 2003 until late 2006 the best bang for the buck and best performing business class CPU for desktop systems had been AMD. See our hardware page for more. For several months in 2006 AMD systems outsold Intel at the retail level. Check the sources on our AMD vs Intel page

UMPC. Stands for Ultra Mobile PC. Presales of these devices are sold out, more to come when they are more widely available.

For the boys who love their toys, the best Gadget WEB site Engadget.

What's NOT?

Faxing. Mostly good for junk any more. Had a customer with a busy FAX machine every time I was in his office. Found out most FAX transmissions were going to Japan. Within 2 weeks everything was being done by E-Mail. (Note: you will probably need a scanner to make this work well).


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