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PC MAX believes strongly in the "KISS" principle. We hear from some clients only twice a year or less because their systems run so smoothly. Since starting PC MAX in 1989 as a full time business, in Atlanta, our primary goal has been simplicity. If it works well and does what you need it to do — when you need it done, then we have done our job well. If you rarely need service on your computrt systems, we've done even better. We realized from the beginning that there were no computers or computer manufacturers that met our strict requirements for compatibility, performance and support. We set out to change that.

It's our purpose to stay focused on the needs of the marketplace. Remaining a small company has allowed us to maintain that focus. In the 17 years we have been in Atlanta we have never advertised or been listed in the phone book. Our business has been built entirely from referrals from satisfied customers.

In our third year in Atlanta we booked nearly 1 million dollars in sales, with a 2 person staff. We managed that volume through customer operating efficiency. We have developed some tried and true ways of getting the job done with a minimum of hassle and expense. This has frequently meant not following the herd. We would rather suggest software or hardware that's out of the mainstream, if it will get the job done effectively, than talk you into something that sounds good just because it is the hit of the day or the popular thing to do. We'll never force a solution on anyone but our customers who have followed our advice rarely require support.

The computer business changes rapidly and we strive to maintain an edge. We have frequently been far ahead of the curve with our software recommendations and hardware. Our system configurations are built for future needs rather than accommodating current requirements. The base PC MAX system configuration far exceeds Microsoft's recommended system configurations for Microsoft's "Premium Vista" configuration, and is fully compatible with all current operating systems. Very few business class systems being sold today can make that claim. In fact, our systems have been Vista compliant for more than 2 years. At the time of this writing it's estimated that over 70% of the systems in use today are not equipped to run Vista.

Many of the pages in this site reflect our philosophy of setting up systems that require minimal support. Because our client base operates so trouble free we're always available for the inevitable problem. In the past, our local competition has had a difficult time understanding how we manage the volume of business we handle. It's because we would truly rather not get service calls. We would rather have more customers with fewer problems than a few customers we constantly put out fires for. Fewer service calls means our customers are happy! Our innovative approach to support has served us well over the years. Our user base extends from Florida to Redmond Washington and includes 911 call centers, City Governments, graphic designers, professional photographers. commercial media designers, the largest privately owned engineering firm in Georgia, accounting and CPA firms, Doctors and more.

Our custom configured computer systems will outperform 90% of the computers small and medium businesses purchase, right out of the box, and in some cases our systems cost less. This is an article about PC MAX that originally appeared on the CBS Marketwatch WEB site. (PDFspacerArticle in Adobe PDF) Our systems cover a range from high end video creation and software design/CAD workstations to standard word processing office computers and small office to enterprise servers.

We have the fortitude to do it right when it comes to hardware. Over the years we sold over 500 computers just to one company before they went global, sold systems to several resellers who resold our systems to their customers, (because they were reliable and faster than was otherwise available), and had over 1.5 million dollars in system sales with one reseller over a 4 year period. We have never had more than 2 people on our staff. We're efficient so our customers can be too. We have never used any inferior components in our systems and it has served us and our customers well.

We are also:
Authorized Microsoft OEM.
Authorized Microsoft System Builder.
Authorized Cisco/Linksys Business class product reseller.
Authorized Hewlett Packard reseller
An Intel IPD, (Intel Processor Dealer)
Authorized AMD Processor Dealer
Authorized Symantec Product Reseller
Seagate Partner
Authorized ZyXEL partner

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